River Silk Ribbons

Customer Comments

River Silks carries a tantalizing collection of color families in their silk ribbon, including ever popular over-dyed colors. They are perfect for Leigh Designs Canvases. The major difference between River Silks and other silk ribbons on the market is its indestructibility! You can use foot-long, even yard-long lengths with virtually no wear on the ribbon!

Leigh Richardson, Designer & Owner, Leigh Designs

I stitched with a yard and never had a problem. The ribbon was pristine at the end of stitching. I am totally impressed.
Kathy Holman, Designer & Instructor, Needle Fantasies

These ribbons are so beautiful - perfect for silk ribbon embroidery. And they don't fray on the edges like most silk ribbons.
Louise Molieri, Castle Rock, CO

These flowers were restitched three times with the same ribbon. It looks like new. I could only do this with River Silks Ribbons.
Jill Rigoli, Designer, Instructor & Owner, Danji Designs

Love your ribbons and the students love them too.
Libby Sturdy, Designer & Instructor

River Silks Ribbon is heirloom quality, by far the best. I love them! Embroidery with River Silks - an immediate love afair.
Elena Harmon, Petit Amour

What a wonderful product. I like the way it sews and doesn't run.

Linda Hopkins, Designer & Instructor, Sonoran Silks

Your ribbon is durable, I love it.
Carolyn Barrani, Artist and Needlework Designer, Barrani Design Studios

Your product does not fray.
John Waddell, Embroidery, Needlepoint & Stitchery Instructor, President of the National Embroidery Teacher's Association

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