River Silk Ribbons

The Best Ribbon for Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Sewing, Quilting & Crafts We've Found.
Does not Fray, Ravel or Run!

Here is why we chose the River Silks line of silk ribbons:

The Ribbons:

Quality - Ribbon is woven to the specifications of River Silks. No one else demands this quality. After weaving with selvedge, the ribbon is dyed by Master Dyers using the International Pantone Textiles Color Chart.
Durability - After 280 passes through canvas (which is rougher than fabric) the ribbon stays intact. No fraying, snaggging or catching. It does not catch on rough fingers either like most silk ribbon.
Selection - With over 240 colors, 70 over-dyed combinations, you are sure to find just the color you are looking for. Check out our silk ribbon embroidery kit collections.


The Company:

Integrity - The owners maintain control over the manufacturing process to ensure consistency.
Customer Service - River Silk Ribbons stands behind their product to ensure customer satisfaction.
Dedication - Paul and Jean started the company because they wanted to provide a high quality ribbon for embroidering, sewing, crazy quilting, embellishing, scrapbooking cardmaking and needlepoint. They traveled all the way to China so they could go directly to the source and have a ribbon made to their specifications.

Applications for River Silks 100% silk ribbon

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